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Educational Technology Lab
College is having a well equipped E. T. lab which is needed for the all round development of teacher trainees. We have equipments like Overhead Projector, Slide Projector, VCD Player, Video Camera, Laminated white Board, Screen, Trolley, Educational Slides, Television, LCD projectors, transparencies, audio casettes, C.D.ís of different subjects, DVD player, Digital camera, laptop etc.

Psychology Lab
The first psychology laboratory was established in Leipzig in 1879 by wilham wondt. From that time till today, the experiments of psychology has contributed a lot in the learning process. Psychology lab proves very effective in solving the different problems of students and the problems related to education. By performing different experiments in psychology lab. different researches can be done and the results of this research can be implemented in the classroom. For such purposes, a psychology lab has been established in this college. The equipment available in the psychology lab are fork dexterity and finger dexterity, set of Increasing order weight, card sorting tray, Vyukt kramya figure, Mc Duggal disc, Myular Lyar apparatus, blind goggles, aesthestometer, various experimental charts etc.

Various psychological tests are also there like Intelligence tests, Interest Inventory, Attitude tests, Aptitude test, Personality tests, Language Creativity test, Social Economic Status Scale, Adjustment Inventory, Desai Manifest Anxiety Scale, Speed and Accuracy test, Parents Attitude Scale, Vocational Interest Inventory, Achievement Motivation Inventory, Teacher Aptitude Test, etc which are used by the students for their practical work.

Science Laboratory
The panel of "Science Education Report" has reported that,
“It is also now an accepted fact that the practical and the theory work in science subjects should not be treated separately”

Kothari Commission has reported that,
“To learn science is to do science. There is no other way of learning science”

The science laboratory is developed in the college to develop the practical attitude of the student. Different instruments like simple Microscope model, simple Telescope Model, Human Eye, Magnetic compass, Amoeba, Fibre model, paramecium model, different charts, Scientific Balance, distillation apparatus set, stop-clock, wind-mill model, spring balance, different glass apparatus, electric motor model, fuse model, nuclear reactor model, microscope, various charts of human diseases, etc.  

Computer Laboratory

Our college has well equipped computer laboratory. There are facilities of printer and internet connection in the laboratory.


We have very well equipped library. There are total 8064 books in the library. Total 14 journals and 33 magazines are available in the library. Many different journals available in the library are like University News, Journal of Economics (Yojana, Vishleshan), Journal of Value Education, Gujarat Journal of psychology, New frontier in Education, Perspectives in Education, Indian Education Review, Journal of Indian Education, Research Waves, International Journal of Human services, Quest in Education, Indian Educational Abstracts, Journal of School Science, Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha and lot more.

Magazines like Classroom Techniques, Drashti, Suganitam, Vigyan Darshan, Pragatishil Shikshan, Shiksha Darshan, Abhi Drashti, Aditya Darshan, Mazanu Ganit, Safari, Latest facts in General Knowledge, Achala, Bal Shrusti, Ghar shala, Rashtra Bhasa, Ajab Gajab Vigyan, English for us, Madhyamik Shikshan ane Parikshan, Career Guidance, Gujarat Medical Bulletin, Lok jivan, Personality development, Rojgar Samachar etc. are available in the library.

Our library is fully computerized and there is facility of internet connection.

List of Journals and Magazines

Reference Section

Our library is still in childhood. But it has made a lot of progress. In our library there are modern reference books, dictionaries in English and Gujarati, Encyclopedias of educational psychology, Educational Research, Educational Technology, Statistics (all the Volumes) Britannica Ready Reference Encyclopaedia volume 1 to 10, Fourth and fifth survey of Research in Education (Volume I & II) and lots of more books are available.

Facilities added during the last quarter

From the current academic year according to NCTE Regulations, 2014 we have prepared Curriculum laboratory, Art & Craft Resource Centre, Seminar Room, additional classrooms and required physical infrastructure for two intake.

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